Initial Certification

WrapMaster, Inc. recommends the installation of the PermaWrap™ and WeldWrap™ Pipe Reinforcement Systems be made, ONLY by Certified Installers. There are two levels of certification available to the customer.

Installer: 1 day course (classroom & hands-on) at the Customer’s or WrapMaster’s Facility. This level of training provides application techniques for various scenarios and general product knowledge. The Installer must stay current by re-certification. Please see our re-certification guidelines below.

Trainer: 2 day course (classroom & hands-on) at the Customer’s or WrapMaster’s Facility. This level of training provides application techniques for various scenarios, thorough product knowledge, training records and the use of engineering analysis software, etc. Upon completion, the individual will be fully qualified to train and certify others to install the PermaWrap™ and WeldWrap™ Systems. To maintain trainer certification, a trainer must complete annual re-certification online and attend biennial training with a WrapMaster Trainer.


Installer re-certification is recommended annually, 12 months from the last certification date. Please review your Company Procedures and/or Operator Qualification requirements for specific re-certification intervals. In no case shall the re-certification interval exceed 36 months from the last certification date. Re-certification may be accomplished by a thorough review of the PermaWrap™ / WeldWrap™ installation procedures and successfully completing the written re-certification exam.

If the installer fails to re-certify during this 36-month period, the installer certification will expire 36 months from the last re-certification date. In this case the installer must attend a new certification class.

We recommended the applicant use the PermaWrap™ Installation Manual during the re-certification examination. It is very important the applicant have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the correct procedures necessary to apply the PermaWrap™ / WeldWrap™ composite reinforcement systems correctly and safely. If the applicant has any questions or does not understand a procedure, please consult your Certified Trainer or contact a WrapMaster representative for assistance. A minimum score of 80% is required in order to attain re-certification.

Instructions: (1) Download the Installation Manual and Certification / Re-certification Exam. (2) Read the instructions at the top of the Exam and fill-in the necessary applicant information requested. (3) Review the PermaWrap™ / WeldWrap™ documentation thoroughly and complete the exam. (4) Print the Certification / Re-certification Exam for your records. (5) Fax, mail or scan and email the completed examinations to the address below. (6) A WrapMaster representative will review the exam and update the Installer’s Certification date in the WrapMaster database of Certified Installer’s. Fax: (903) 643-8181 Email:

PermaWrap Installation Video

WeldWrap Installation Video